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If you've moved into a new build home and are having problems with your phone or broadband service please visit our 'broadband in new build homes' page.

If your query is about an existing broadband service please contact your Communications Provider.

For enquiries about Superfast Fibre broadband availability in your area. Please can you help us by first carrying out an availability check using the Openreach tool found here before completing the form.

If you’ve used the fibre checker and your status has changed from in plan to not in plan and want to contact us to discuss the change please be aware due to the complex nature of the network our plans occasionally change. For a variety of reasons this can cause some areas to be removed from their expected fibre roll out.


This doesn't mean your area will never receive fibre. It's worth regularly accessing the fibre checker, as we're constantly working towards our ambition of 20 million homes and businesses connected to fibre in the coming years and your area may be added to future plans. The Fibre team will ask you to recheck the fibre checker in the future and may not have any more information on why the plan has changed for your area at this time.


We'll use the information you provide to investigate and respond to your query.  Please don't provide any sensitive personal information.

Please also read our privacy policy which describes how we may use your personal information.

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