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From 2nd November 2020 we’re improving the way you register new housing and commercial developments to receive Openreach network infrastructure. Our existing form will be closed, and we’ll be launching a new developer portal to provide a one stop solution for all your new site interactions with Openreach.

For more information and to access the portal once it’s live, visit the openreach website and bookmark the portal page for easy access

PLEASE NOTE: This form is now used for sites of 1-19 plots only. For sites of 20+ plots please complete the form found here

Openreach will install Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) free of charge for those developments of 20 or more premises

For sites with 2-19 premises we’ll assess our network to offer you the best available technology.  For further information please refer to our web site

Please can you provide us with as much data as possible for each question. This will help us to process your registration as quickly as possible.

Please also read our privacy policy which describes how we may use your personal information.

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